Python Again awarded as Top Programming Language

Python Again awarded as Top Programming Language this Year . Software testing outfit Tiobe has awarded Python the programming language of the year for the second time in a row, thanks to the language’s chops in machine learning. 

The award is given by the company to the programming language that has gained the highest increase in ratings in one year. C# was on its way to get the title for the first time according to Tiobe, but Python overtook C# in the last month. Python is the most popular programming language today because of machine learning, data science and its wealth of software libraries from the Python Package index (PyPI) that lend the language to those fields. 

Tiobe’s rankings are based on words developers use to search for a given language and broken down by the share of searches. It’s one proxy for what languages developers should invest time in learning, alongside lists created by RedMonk and IEEE. 

Python Again awarded as Top Programming Language this Year

Python for data science and automation 

Although Python has a few more years under its belt and dates back to the 1990s, the language, which relies on a tight programming style, is growing steadily. This year has once again established itself as the second most popular language, ahead of Java. In the Stack Overflow ranking of the most wanted programming languages, Python even took the top spot in 2021. A significant advantage of Python is platform independence: It runs on almost all operating systems. You can use it to program object-oriented or procedurally. In areas like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, you cannot avoid Python. Overall, however, the language can be used almost universally. With the appropriate tools, user interfaces are even possible. Python is also easy to learn and has many libraries. Not yet convinced? 

Here we have seven good reasons why you should learn Python

Python automates trivial tasks

With the emergence of new fields of application such as data science and machine learning, Python is on the rise again. Writing scripts were already the classic use case for the programming language during the first peak phase in the 90s. If you are interested in scripting, the book Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is recommended.

Quick start and simple syntax

Python’s syntax is similar to the English language. The programming language is relatively easy to learn, even for someone new to coding. The indentations inherent in the syntax also make Python code clear and easy to read. And: with a thorough basic understanding, you can do a lot with it. Anyone who has already mastered other programming languages will have acquired another valuable skill comparatively quickly. 

Data science

One of the most important reasons why you should learn Python is data science. Data scientists are in demand, are well paid, and work in super exciting jobs. Data visualization, predictive modeling, programming skills, anyone? The professional field is very diverse and especially interesting for scientists with statistical knowledge. 

Machine learning

The same applies to machine learning. Machine learning has been increasing for a few years, and Python is the go-to programming language for writing algorithms for artificial intelligence.

Python resources

Python has a comprehensive standard library and numerous other libraries. Due to the large user base and age of the programming language, there are plenty of resources that help you solve your coding problems. Over 125,000 external libraries are countless reasons why Python is now out of application fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, game development, or cloud configuration have become indispensable. For example, NumPy for data science, Astropy for space research, Tensorflow for machine learning, or PyGame for game development. Even in web development, language is now playing an important role despite the somewhat jerky compatibility with mobile devices – and it is the back end of YouTube, Instagram, and Reddit.

Python community

The large community is another reason why you should use Python. Python is open source, which means you can theoretically access anything that concerns the language. The large and lively user base means that there will be an appropriate forum for almost all of your questions and someone who can help you.

Salary and next steps

With Python, you can assemble simple scripts into complex applications. In many cases, the whole thing works relatively quickly, safely, and often with fewer lines of code than in other programming languages. The readable style and the associated quick editability make development comparatively easy and efficient. And it opens up fascinating new areas of activity for severe learners. 

Python developers are one of the highest paid developers, particularly due to its use in data science, machine learning and web development. On average, the salary ranges from 50,000 Euro up to 130,000 Euro depending upon your experience, location, and domain. 

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