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How Data Science is used by META

In this Blog we are going to learn about Data Science Technology and will discuss about How Data Science is used by META .

Before we understand what is the use and all about, let us understand about META. Meta platforms is an American  multinational technology conglomerate based in California. The company owns Facebook,Instagram and Whatsapp etc. It is the world’s most valuable company. It is a social media, social network advertising , virtual reality based industry. 

Also its parent company is Facebook and its owner is Mark Zuckerberg.

Data Science is used by META

Now coming back to the point , utilisation of data science in such industries. 

With the help of Data scientists at Meta conduct large-scale , global , quantitative research to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and the world around them. 

Data analysts research span a variety of disciplines, including computational social science, econometrics, operations research,market intelligence.  Also to make it a more scalable platform for collection, management and analysis of data in order to perform actively.

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