How to use Data Analysis in WhatsApp

Today our topic is Data Analysis in Whatsapp , It is as mus as interesting as it looks like .

First of all let’s understand what data analysis is; it is the study of data in order to know past events by observing data sets and their patterns. It helps to improve and manage workloads in various organisations. It describes,predicts, and gives a statistical approach while framing a decision on a large scale.

Whatsapp is used as an online social platform to communicate and to increase networking for various purposes. Also it provides a good speed for all its tasks.

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In whatsapp , many companies use chat to provide consumers a real time approach to the company. Chat is unstructured data provided by the customers that is actually a way to  share their experience of products and services.SO this unprocessed data is analysed by the company data analyst team to find out the impact of their company and helps in  development  It helps to know those problems and issues faced by clients on a daily basis e.g. we  see FAQ options on almost every website having solutions and direction to use the resources efficiently .Also it helps to know review of newly launched product by the consumers. It also helps in planning for coming projects to make products based on the demands and requirements of the people. In smartphones whatsapp stores data in the internal storage system.Also speed of data traffic depends on the speed of the internet. It provides voice calls and video calls depending upon the user’s choice which interestingly enhances productivity , saves time,reduces other expenses, helps in collaboration for meetings in a much easier way than traditional method  and increases enrichment in overall departments of the organisations.

Backup refers to storing a copy of original data which can be used in case of data loss.Now, whatsapp has also backup known as Whatsapp Backup. To use Whatsapp we need a phone number , internet and smartphone. So it is easily available ,accessible , and can be used to communicate anywhere across the world. It just needs the internet to both side this application on their phones and thus it is widely used. In case,  if you lost your current whatsapp using device or maybe that device would break.In certain situations Whatsapp backup feature comes in the picture. It can load all your data in your new device and plays an important role for companies/industry.

Whatsapp Payment is a newly added feature that provides you a secure environment paying bills.


  1. It provides instant messages and responses to both sides.
  2. It is end to end encrypted so it is between sender and receiver thus very secure.
  3. It improves efficiency in business companies.Everytime they have meetings they simply put a message and it gets circulated easily in the organisation.
  4. It helps in scheduling and planning.
  5. It is economical , accessible and available.


  1. The Internet is mandatory to use.
  2. It can create distraction for children, especially students .
  3. Devices can be hacked as they are exposed to the internet.


Whatsapp is a widely used networking application for many people. They can be employees of a company and their clients, maybe a freelancer, maybe a business company or company in general. It has added new features from time to time and enriches user experiences and helps in the progress of IT as well as business industries to manage their schedules in company. It is safe and secure as it is end to end encrypted. It has an easy user interface.We can retrieve the data and connections easily.

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