Job-Oriented Course Terms & Conditions

Job Oriented Terms and Conditions are applicable in only those courses that exclusively are mentioned as “Job Oriented Programs” irrespective of the technology. So long as the name suggests that it is a job oriented program the below-mentioned terms and conditions will follow. And each candidate must ensure that all the terms and conditions are followed respectively so as to avail of the services mentioned.

Terms & Conditions for Job Oriented Courses from ONLEI Technologies

This program offers a job oriented training to the participants subjected to specific terms and conditions mentioned below. If you will not able to follow any term or condition then there will be no assistance from ONLEI . The materials contained in this site are secured by relevant copyright and trademark law. (Re-distributing or re-selling any of the content without permission or awareness of ONLEI is an offense that can lead to strict legal action)

  1. Candidates must be eligible to work in India as per the guidelines of the Government of India.
  2. Without the completion of the projects Job oriented course won’t be applicable to the candidate.
  3. Candidates must complete at least 70% of the given assignments/projects/etc. Issued in the course their grades in assignments/projects/etc. Submit your Project before the deadline given by the Experts.
  4. Join all the classes on time, 10 Minutes late Join will considered as absent for that day.
  5. Kindly ensure that there is no plagiarizing in any assignments/blogs/submissions/quizzes. It will make the submissions invalid, after which the candidate will be subjected to resubmitting their assignment.
  6. Candidates will be able to avail themselves of facilities such as interview preparation & resume preparation only if they follow the instructions provided above.
  7. Attendance must be 90% or above to get any assistance from ONLEI Technologies.
  8. Candidates are supposed to complete their internship projects in order to apply for the opportunities provided to them as part of the Job Oriented Program. Failure to complete the internship/projects will result in the candidate not getting interview opportunities.
  9. There should not be more than two years of career gap in the candidate’s profile.
  10. ONLEI will refer the candidates to companies for interviews only with the candidate’s prior consent, in any case, if the candidate is unwilling or fails to attend the interview. They will not be applicable to claim anything, and ONLEI will have all the rights to deny any other interview opportunity.
  11. After ensuring the job, you are supposed to pass all the background verification as prescribed by the employer; in case of any lapse in verification, ONLEI holds no responsibility.

JOB ORIENTED COURSE : Job-oriented courses are training and academic courses that prepare professionals for a particular career field or role. A traditional academic course may provide an overview of a certain topic or area, but a job-oriented course focuses on the knowledge and skills required for a particular job. There is No JOB GUARANTEE by ONLEI Technologies.